Important Information

Phone numbers you may need:

  • Police, Fire or Medical – 911
  • Management Office
    (239) 463-5751
  • Rentals Office
    • Toll Free- (877) 481-9580
    • Local- (239) 481-9580
  • Sales Office – (239) 481-9580 or 239-770-0989
  • Lee County Sheriff – (239) 477-1000
  • Florida Highway Patrol – (239) 936-0511
  • Florida Marine Patrol – (239) 332-6966
  • US Coast Guard – (239) 463-5754
  • Southwest Florida International Airport – (239) 768-1000
  • Long Distance/Directory Assistance – 1 + area code – 555-1212
  • Gulf Coast Hospital- (239) 768-5000
  • Health Park Hospital- (239) 433-7799
  • Lee Memorial Hospital- (239) 332-1111
  • SW Florida Regional Medical Center – (239) 939-1147
  • Estero Island Medical Center- (239) 463-5741
  • Quality Care – (239) 765-0000
  • Ft Myers Beach Post Office – (800) 275-8777
  • Ft Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce – (239) 454-7500

About your Resort:

Air Conditioners – Please do not turn the thermostat below 72 degrees. This will not cause your unit to cool any faster, it will cause your air conditioner to freeze up and stop working. When windows and doors are open please shut off air conditioners.

Laundry Facilities – On each floor, these are coin operated. Change and extra detergent is available in the front office.

Garbage and Refuse – Dumpster and Recyclables are located on the North Side of the building.

Ice Machine – Located on the first floor in hallway leading to the pool area.

Housekeeping/Maid Service – Our units are fully equipped, just like your own home. Therefore, daily maid service is not provided. If you are staying for longer than one week, the Housekeeping Staff will do a stay over cleaning service for you. Should you have any complaints about the Housekeeping service, please speak to the resort manager, not the cleaning staff.

Gas Grills – There are 2 gas grills conveniently located on the south end of the building. It is important that the grills be left clean so that others may enjoy them when you are through. Please remember to turn each grill off after use. *Fort Myers fire regulations forbid the use of portable grills on patios and balconies.

Pets – Although we love our pets, none are allowed to vacation at Kahlua Beach Club.

Parking – Parking is by permit only, and your parking permit is included in your welcome packet. One parking space per unit. Please display your permit on the dashboard of your car at all times. Remember, your permit does not allow you to park on Estero Boulevard and violators will be ticketed or towed. Boats, motor homes or trailers are not permitted to park on Kahlua Beach Club property. Ask management for a list of locations to store these items.

Smoking- All units and balconies are non-smoking. Designated smoking areas have been established by the Board of Directors and a information is available at the front desk.

Daily Rules:

  • To have a guest for the day at the resort, please notify the front office by phone. Once the office is notified a day pass will be issued to the visitor. On-Site parking may not be available. For other areas to park please contact the front desk.
  • Daily use hours are the same hours as the front office.
  • All association fees must be paid to use the facility. If you have not paid your fees, the Front Office reserves the right to deny you access to the resort and its amenities.

Check-Out Procedures:

  • Check-out time is always 10:00am – sharp – no exceptions!
  • All trash must be disposed of in the dumpsters and/or recycling bins located throughout the property.
  • Please wash all dishes, pots, pans silverware and glasses and store them in the kitchen cabinets where you found them and make sure the stove is turned off.
  • Please make sure that all windows and sliding glass doors are shut and locked.
  • Do not make the beds!
  • Please remove all personal belongings from dresser drawers, cupboards and closets.
  • Check under beds and between sheets.
  • If your scheduled departure is before or after office hours, please inform the front desk during normal office hours.
  • Be sure to lock your door when you leave and return the keys to the front office.

Resort Amenities:

Swimming Pool – Specific rules for use of the swimming pool are located near the pool area. Please be sure all children are well supervised to avoid any accidents. All children who are NOT toilet trained must wear appropriate swim diapers to avoid closure of the pool. No rafts, tubes, radios or beach balls are allowed in the pools. No glassware is allowed near or in the pool or pool decks. If glass is broken the pool may have to be closed and drained. Please remember to shower before entering the pools. Pool hours are from 9:00 am to 10:00pm.

Hot Tub – The hot tub is heated to a temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a very relaxing experience but should be used in moderation. There is a 15-minute time limit for your health and to allow the usage of others. The hot tub is considered unsafe for anyone with any type of heart condition. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Same rules apply in regards to glass and items in the hot tub as in the pool.

Shuffleboard – There are two courts located next to the South building. Equipment is located on the pool deck near the office.

Bicycles, Games, Books, Corn-Hole and Magazines – Bicycles are available for use from the Front Desk must be returned by 4:30pm. Games, Books, and Magazines are also available in the lobby.

Things to be aware of in Florida:

Ft Myers Beach (Estero Island) is without a doubt a beautiful island. Yet there are several things that most visitors are not familiar with. Although rare, there are potential concerns while vacationing here, and it is wise to be familiar with them.

Florida “Critters” – Florida is well known for its natural beauty. Although some of the plants may be tempting, please do not pick them, some can be toxic to the touch. Also the animal life is interesting. Please instruct children not to touch frogs, snakes, lizards, etc. They can be dangerous. If you happen to find a “critter” in you unit, please call the front office. We do spray frequently, but sometimes they still manage to get inside. If this happens, call the Office as soon as possible.

Alligators – Because we are located in a sub-tropical climate area, alligators also enjoy this kind of climate. In general, they will retreat from humans. It is recommended that you do not approach them too closely for they are very fast on land and in the water. More importantly, never feed the alligators.

Snakes – There are snakes to be seen at times in this warm climate area. Although there are a number of varieties, if you see a snake – stay away!!!!!! If you are bitten, pay attention to the snake’s marking so that the species can be identified.

Sting Rays – Between the months of May and October, Sting Rays frequently visit our warm beaches. They like to stay close to the shoreline in the loose sand where they can bury themselves. While in the water do the “shuffle” with your feet. To do this, drag your feet along the bottom, stirring up the sand. If you happen to be stung, you will need immediate medical attention.

Jellyfish – They float through the water by riding the waves and currents. There is a possibility that you may never see the jellyfish that has stung you. If you feel a burning feeling and see a red welt on your body, seek medical attention immediately.

No-See-Ums – Many people don’t know what a no see um looks like because of its tiny size, but if one bites, it’s hard to miss. The insect is a bloodsucker many times smaller than a mosquito, but with a bite inversely more painful. The sting causes a large welt that can irritate the skin for several days, causing severe itching. It is tiny enough to pass through window screens, making it a nuisance to people and pets.

The scientific name for the no see um is Ceratopogonidae, but it has accumulated many common names. These include the sand flea, sand fly, biting midge and punkie or punky. Common to beaches, wetlands, creek and lakebeds, the insect purportedly stays within 350 feet (107 meters) of its breeding ground. Therefore, if people find themselves under attack at a camping site, on a picnic, or at the beach, moving a short distance can provide relief.

Suntan Lotions – We are blessed with beautiful sunshine all year long. Use of suntan lotion is a “must” to protect you from the strong rays that can damage your skin. Some visitors using lotion before going to the beach discover that they are allergic to the lotion – not the sun, if in doubt, consult a physician.

Drugs & Skin – People taking certain drugs who go into the sun may experience a photo allergic or photo toxic reaction to their skin. Here’s a list of some of the drugs that can cause a reaction when in the sun – Estrogen, Progesterone, Orinase, D iabinase, Diur il, Esidrix, Ore tic, Hydromox, Librium, Compazine, Phen egram, Quinid ine, Tofranil, Sparine, Stela Zine, Temeril, Thorazine, Tri lafon, Triavil, Et rafon, Vesprin, Benadryl, Sulfa, Griseofulin, Aureomycin, Terramycin, De clomycin, Small Pox Vaccine, and Imuran. If a medicine that you are taking is not listed, please check your prescription or consult your physician.