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Rental Availability

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Rental Contract


The vacation home you rent is owned by a family under the laws and statutes of the State of Florida.  The rules and regulations are not arbitrary, but established within the condominium documents of the resort.  Neither the management nor owner can make exceptions.

1. To rent, age requirement is 23 year of age or older
2. Occupancy limit of 4 is strictly enforced.
3. A deposit of 25% per week per unit is required on all reservations.
4. Cancellation policy is $50.00 from time of reservation until 30 days prior to checkin, then at the 30 day mark there is no cancellation.
5. Weekly rentals are Saturday to Saturday Check in time is 3 PM and check out time is by 10 AM
6. A 3-night minimum is required for all stays. Cannot be booked prior to 10 days before arrival and must be consecutive (cannot break up two weeks).
7. No pets are permitted
8. Please call if you will be arriving later than 5:00 PM

Credit cards are accepted for rentals – Discover, Visa, MC. Not American Express.

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201815101Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week15 room101
201815202Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week15 room202
201815205Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week15 room205
201815401Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week15 room401
201815402Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week15 room402
201815502Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week15 room502
201816201Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week16 room201
201816202Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week16 room202
201816302Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week16 room302
201816303Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week16 room303
201816402Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week16 room402
201817201Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week17 room201
201817202Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week17 room202
201817303Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week17 room303
201817404Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week17 room404
201818201Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week18 room201
201818203Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week18 room203
201818301Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week18 room301
201819203Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week19 room203
201819304Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week19 room304
201821502Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week21 room502
201824506Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week24 room506
201844405Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week44 room405
201845405Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week45 room405
201846102Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week46 room102
201847306Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week47 room306
201847401Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week47 room401
201847506Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week47 room506
201848506Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week48 room506
201849202Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week49 room202
201849506Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week49 room506
201850202Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week50 room202
201850304Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week50 room304
201850506Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week50 room506
201851406Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week51 room406
201852406Efficiciency Sleep 4year2018 week52 room406
20191503Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week1 room503
201913106Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week13 room106
201913502Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week13 room502
201913505Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week13 room505
201914502Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week14 room502
201914505Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week14 room505
201915502Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week15 room502
20192203Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week2 room203
20192503Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week2 room503
20193203Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week3 room203
20193503Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week3 room503
20194203Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week4 room203
20194503Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week4 room503
20194504Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week4 room504
20195501Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week5 room501
20195503Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week5 room503
201952406Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week52 room406
20196501Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week6 room501
20196503Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week6 room503
20197501Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week7 room501
20197503Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week7 room503
20198501Efficiciency Sleep 4year2019 week8 room501