Important Information

pcv3.jpgPhone Numbers You May Need:
  • Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency 911
  • Registration Office (706) 268-3600
  • Property Manager/Maintenance (706) 268-3600
  • Big Canoe Chapel (706) 268-3203
  • Golf Pro Shop (706) 268-3323
  • Mountains Grille’ & BlackBear Pub (706) 268-3326
  • Duffers Take Out (706) 268-3273
  • Security – Main Gate (706) 268-3376
  • Security – North Gate (706) 268-3399
  • Tennis Pro Shop (706) 268-3367
  • Fitness Center (706) 268-3441
  • Swim Club (706) 268-3317
  • RAL Resort Property Management (877) 481-9580
  • CVS Drug Store – (706) 692-3423
  • Walgreens (706) 253-9234
  • Eckerds (706) 692-2116
  • Jasper Drug Co. – (706) 692-6427
  • Northside Drugs (706) 692-1171
  • Pickens County Library – (706) 692-5411
  • Post Offices – Marble Hill (770) 893-3364
    Big Canoe Post Office is located in Wolfscratch Village


You have a direct telephone line into your villa and there are no charges for incoming calls. No-charge outgoing calls included in unit service available to you are, the exchanges 404, 678, and 770, although you will need to dial all 10 digits. Marble Hill, Tate and Jasper are local calls, however, most other 706 area codes are long distance. There is a “block” on all phones prohibiting direct dial long distance calls. For all long distance calls, it will be necessary that you use a calling card.

About your resort:

Welcome to the North Georgia Mountains and its premier resort, Petit Crest Villas. We hope that your visit with us will be a wonderful experience and that you will take advantage of all that Big Canoe and the surrounding area has to offer.

There are 35 units contained within Petit Crest. Each unit accommodates a maximum of eight people. We must limit parking to two cars per villa. If your party arrives in more than two cars, please contact the Property Manager’s office, 706-268-3600, between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm., to make any necessary arrangements to park additional vehicles off site.

There are no motorcycles, motor scooters, or motor homes allowed on the Big Canoe property. (Once you drive around, you will quickly understand why that rule exists!) These prohibited vehicles will be stopped at the Security Gate and given directions for obtaining storage for them. A note of caution to all drivers, the 25 mile per hour speed limit is strictly enforced!

No boats, canoes or other types of personal watercraft are allowed to be transported into the Big Canoe without first payring a $10.00 fee at the Fitness Center.

All electric motor boats available for rent at the fitness center are kept at the marina on Lake Petit. Paddleboats and canoes are available at the Swim Club, on season only.

Life jackets must be available for each person present on the boat at all times. Children under 12 must have a life jacket on at all times

Boating speed limit is 5 mph.

Swimming is allowed only in Lake Disharoon at the Swim Club.

Fishing is allowed year round, although there are specific regulations. All owners and guests must have the proper used card to fish. Fishing is permitted from boats and specific bank locations. Cleaning of fish on the lake or in the area of the marina is prohibited. Do no clean fish in the decks or balconies of the villas.

Creel Limits Per Day are – 4 Rainbow Trout, no limit on bass, 6 Bream (banned in April and May), 4 Crappie. When the limit is caught from any one kind of fish, no further fishin is permitted for the rest of the day.

Any person violating these limits are subject to a $20.00 per fish caught over creel limits fine. If catching Bream out of season, a $30.00 fine is enforced and all fish will be forfeited.

Only 2 hand held poles per person. Set lines or multiple lines are prohibited. Artificial bait is now legal on all lakes.

If you arrived after business hours, it will be necessary for you to complete the registration process within 48 hours of your arrival. This may be done at the check-in office where you picked up your keys. Office hours are 9 am to Noon and 1 pm to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Absolutely NO outdoor cooking is permitted within Petit Crest Villas. Fire is a constant concern for this area and we ask that you respect this rule and refrain from any cookouts on the Petit Crest property. There are grills available to you for cookouts at the Athletic Field, as well as adjacent to the outdoor swim area. You will need to provide your own charcoal and lighter fluid.

About your Villa :

Each unit accommodates a maximum of eight people. We must limit parking to two cars per vills. If your party arrives in more than two cars, please contact the office, between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday to make any necessary arrangements to park additional vehicles off site.

The electric fireplace in your villa is not intended to provide heat; it is for ambiance only.

Your villa is equipped with two TVs, both of which receive cable and may be operated using a remote control. The TV in the living room is connected to a VCR/DVD. (The Property Manager has a limited number of videos in the office. The villa also has a radio/cassette/CD player.

Each villa has a washer and dryer. The unit is supplied with enough towels to accommodate eight guests. Should you wish to have clean linens during the week, it will be necessary for us to charge you $40 for mid-week housekeeping service. However, feel free to launder whatever bedding or towels you might require.

For your comfort, please do not set the thermostat down lower than 70 during the summer. Turning the thermostat any lower may cause your air conditioning unit to freeze and become inoperable for several hours. Nothing can be done to hasten the thawing process if this happens.

Trash is picked-up on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Please bag and tie all trash and always make sure that the lid is securely placed on the trash cans. Big Canoe is a wildlife sanctuary and as a result, bears, raccoons and other creatures often try to raid trash cans.

Under no circumstances should you ever place food outside to feed the animals. These are wild animals that must forage for themselves. Additionally, once an animal begins to expect food, it can become very aggressive and persistent in its dealings with humans.

We suggest that you keep your villa locked at all times. We also urge that you keep your key with you at all times. A charge of $25 will be assessed and collected should you lose a key or lock yourself out of your unit after hours.

There are packets of dishwasher detergent provided especially for the dishwasher. The liquid dish detergent is not for use in dishwashers. When you load the glassware into the dishwasher, the glasses should be placed between the prongs instead of over them to prevent breakage.

When using the garbage disposal, always make sure that the water is running. The switch is located under the sink cabinet in the upper edge of the frame. A good rule of thumb to observe when using a disposal, is that if you can’t eat it, then neither can the disposal. Coffee grounds, fibrous things such as celery strings, etc. can quickly stop a disposal and make a real mess. When in doubt, just throw it out.

Bedding for the hide-a-bed in the living room can be found in the closet under the stairs.

Check Out Procedures:

  • Check in time is 4:00 pm – Check out time is 10:00am. Keys must be in our office by 10:30am and all guests must be out of the villa to avoid a late charge of $50.00 per hour after 10:30am. Sorry but no exceptions !
  • Load all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start.
  • Gather all used linens (towels and sheets) and put them on the floor by the washer and dryer.
  • Be sure all windows and doors are closed and locked, including the sliding glass doors.
  • Turn the thermostat to 70 degrees in the winter and 70 degrees in the summer.
  • Unplug the coffee pot and toaster. Turn off all the lights.
  • Be sure you have packed all your belongings. Check all closets, bathroom cabinets and drawers, night stands, behind the doors and under the bed. We cannot be responsible for anything left behind.
  • Remove all items from the refrigerator, except any unopened items you would like to leave for the staff.
  • Put all trash in the containers located outside your villa.
  • Lock all doors behind you